IWE will now be celebrating its 8th Anniversary!

IWE is a well acclaimed organization that has grown in 8 years to a membership of more than 350, a mailing list of more than a 1000 and a strong volunteer force of more than 40 empowered women.

My heartiest congratulations and a heartfelt thank you to all our past sponsors, media and all the dedicated volunteers who have believed in our mission and wholeheartedly supported our cause.

IWE has a strong membership of 350 which by itself tells a story of success! Our members are women of all caliber of life. They are CEO, V.P., and Directors of large companies and small businesses hiring from 5 to a thousand plus employees. They are doctors, lawyers, teachers, writers, artists, computer engineers and home makers!

IWE Celebrates Women and their achievements and bestows tribute to women who have braved huge challenges throughout the world, and have made enormous contributions to the society, to change the world for the better! IWE celebrates South Asian Women who have been highly successful in not only cracking the glass ceiling but have surpassed all expectations.

We are compelled by one conviction and that is “how can IWE make the difference and touch hearts, minds and motivate and inspire women and in the process find like minded friends”.

IWE’s yearly events are geared towards the growing trends. IWE’s goal is motivating, educating and updating professional, political, health & personal growth & wealth.

IWE’s Meet and Greet, seminars, workshops and events to promote networking including the Health seminar-Fit for life, Cook- off- “Dil khush khana” and all the featured events have all been exceptionally popular. Community service and getting involved in local causes has been a successful venture for the group and its members.

IWE’s Award Ceremony Gala which is attended by 250 Guests is a showcase event recognizing women who are role models and their life stories an inspiration for all.

IWE presents an opportunity for our members and guests not only to meet and be inspired by outstanding and exceptional women and invited speakers but also to be motivated by them and ultimately better discern their own unique paths to success.

We are highly indebted to our sponsors whose contributions and support is the reason our group has been able to flourish. In return IWE prides itself in promoting local companies, businesses and talents to our members and our mailing list.
Thank you for your consideration.
Anima Desai
IWE Chief Executive Director
Founder & Curriculum Head
Scholars Academy School